Rogers Price Cut: HTC Magic and Dream now $99.99 on Contract

The HTC Dream and Magic have now had a price cut.The Rogers Dream and Magic can now be picked up for $99.99 on a 3-year contract, (original price $149.99).

Is this a sign of poor sales we ask ourselves, for the first 2 Android-powered mobile phones? According to James Falconer after visiting a Rogers store and asking how sales were going, the answer he got was “Terrible…. we’re not selling many” .He was told the hot device at the moment was the iPhone 3GS, the lineup outside this particular Rogers store proved this.

Rogers are hoping this price drop will lure a few more customers into the stores to buy the Dream and Magic with the great price of $99.99 although according to James Falconer who lives and works in Canada this is clearly Blackberry country.

Source – BGR via Intomobile

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