iPhone 3GS Overheating Debate: Cases cause discoloration say’s Apple

Many of you and of course our readers have mentioned the problems with overheating, the debate over the overheating issue with the white Apple iPhone 3GS is immense and many of us want to know what the problem is.

Well it seems the debate is over, many users of the iPhone 3GS blamed the case discoloration on overheating and that it got a lot worse when Apple updated the heat advisory for the iPhone 3GS, well now Apple are saying that the discoloration is nothing to do with overheating but down to the case itself.

A French website called FrenchiPhone.com is claiming that the discoloration happens on the white iPhone 3GS when it is exposed to heat, here are some answers according to CNET that may help you understand:

  • After numerous calls to Apple technical service and maintenance of contact with a level 3 (engineer) the problem seems to come not from a hot 3GS but contact with some covers! This was evident by ourselves on a device with a small sticker (a warning not to listen to music too loud) remained stuck; part of the hull below remained white.
  • A simple solution to the problem is to clean the back of the iPhone with alcohol, tested by myself I can confirm that it works and reassure you it is safe for your precious.

What do you think about the above problem?

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