Samsung i7500 Galaxy Hands on Video

The Samsung i7500 Galaxy is a stunning mobile phone and the hands on video below should get you a little excited, the video is in English even though some of the words the man says are a little hard to understand.

The Samsung Galaxy is the first Samsung mobile handset to have Google Android which is a good start, at the beginning of the video the reviewer holds up a little USB key which is the same shape as the Samsung i7500 Galaxy itself which is pretty cool.

We have already published all the specifications and features and even have a consumer reviews section just for you as well, now please do watch the Samsung i7500 Galaxy hands on video below, seems to be pretty impressive.


One thought on “Samsung i7500 Galaxy Hands on Video”

  1. Patola says:

    I am also a foreigner, but this person talking gets rather irritating – he doesn’t seem to try and hide his accent. You get distracted from the phone and his constant swallowings distract and irritate you further. He needs to learn to talk before making these videos!

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