Is the Nokia E72 a good mobile phone?

No doubt most avid mobile phone review readers have read up on all the specs and stuff to do with the upcoming Nokia E72 handset.

You’ve probably read an abundance of reviews along with watching several video and have a fairly good view of what to expect from the Nokia E72.

As a reminder, the Nokia E72 packs a solid design, 2.4 inch display, a 5 megapixel camera, optical navigation key, integrated compass, full QWERTY keyboard, A-GPS, HSDPA, WiFi, 3.5mm jack, Symbian S60, and Nokia Maps.

Now what we would like to know is our reader’s views on the Nokia E72 handset, is it a good mobile phone? Feel free to drop us a comment on your thoughts.



15 thoughts on “Is the Nokia E72 a good mobile phone?”

  1. Martin says:

    I was first planning to buy the N97 but it turned out to be a dissapointment. Now I stand between Iphone 3gs and Nokia e72. It is a hard choice.

    I would buy e72 for better email, camera, gps, calendar, great sumbian apps, batterylife, multitasking, keyboard and the price.

    I would get Iphone for the better browser, neat interface, apps and large screen.

    Its a hard coice for me but its leaning towards the E72. I think I will get a better deal on the E72 and it doesnt try to control you as much as apple do. Shame on you apple.

  2. Andrew says:

    Hey Martin,
    I’ve been going through the exact same dillema you are presently goin through… but im leaning towards the iphone 3gs for the simple reason that its a much easier phone to crack… Therefore multitasking would be possible and you could dramatically upgrade the iphone’s calendar and gps.

    But I agree with you, Nokia has failed to deliver what we expected from the N97! And it is a hard choice!

    whatever you do, it does come down, in my humble opinion to the best touchscreen vs the best qwerty phone on the maeket today!

  3. Martin says:

    Hey Andrew and B

    So. Right now I am still leaning towards the e72… But it is a loong way until the release (September) and the 3G S will be released up here in just a week.

    I have no experience with cracking Iphones. How safe is it? How does the multitask work? I suppose there could be problems since the hardware doesnt really support it? I know I have read some stories about cracked Iphones turning slow etc. We sure dont want that to happen since we bought it for the S(low) :). Anyhow, if I could get multitask and better gps and calendar that could tip the scale for me. But I wouldnt buy it unless I had some real good info about cracking and the 3rd party apps I could get by doing so.

    There are som many hard decisions in life. Lust or love, cash or creativity. It is all apples and Nokias anyhow 😉

  4. N97 or E72, definitely not an iPhone. It’s a fact that the iPhone cannot multi-task like the Nokia phones can do, and the iphone has a crappy camera. The E72 will be the perfect all rounder.

    I just wish someone can confirm when the E72 is available!

  5. E72 Lover says:

    I have just spoken to Nokia UK, and they have confirmed that the E72 will be available in the UK in November 09.

    I guess I will have to wait patiently………….

  6. Malik says:

    I purchased HTC Hero two weeks ago. I want to sell it and buy Nokia e72.
    The phone is scratch-free, brand new (used 5 days)
    How do I sell it online. Or how do I swap it for Nokia e72 I can pay extra.

  7. Gordon says:

    Hey guys,

    I’ve had Motorola phones, LG phones, the Nokia N95, and Apple iPhone 3GS 16 GB. The iPhone has its advantages, the app store and iPod being the main advantages. It is a great phone for the first few months but then the novelty wears off. The apps you once found to be ‘awesome’ now go unused and clutter up your home screens. What you can do on your iPhone, you can wait to do when you get to your laptop or home computer. My major concern with the iPhone is its battery life and shotty reception. This phone loses service like no other, and once service is lost you need to either turn airplane mode on and off or reset the network settings. Very very poor reception, for instance at my cottage in Northern Ontario my N95 had full bars on Rogers 3G network almost always, while iphone would only get one bar, if you stood in the right place. Anyway, i’ve decided to trade my phone for the Nokia E72 for Nokia’s amazing RF technology.

    I used to be an iPhone fan boy, but they have disappointed me greatly. The only thing I will miss is the iPod and unique safari web browser.

    Good luck to all!

  8. Marlo says:

    ok, so i was thinking about buying the nokia E72 this week. Is anybody having problems with the E72’s software and/or applications? I’ve heard that it has software problems. Is this common or was my source’s phone just a dud? Any feedback good or bad would be appreciated greatly.

  9. amith says:

    Hello, I am confused which cell to buy plz help me. I am looking for a handset which has damn good battery backup interms of talktime and good camera clarity. i have short listed to Nokia e72, apple i phone 3gs, and blackberry bold 9700. I heard nokia has some software glitches. pleas help me choose wisely or any other hansets welcome.

  10. jadesmith123 says:

    The best part about the Nokia E72 is its full QWERTY keyboard. The buttons are not that wide but they give nice tactile feedback and have a nice domed design. This makes it easy to type. The keyboard also has shortcuts for features and symbols. On the phone’s left, there is a memory card slot and microUSB port. On the right, you have the voice command key and volume rocker. The power jack is located on the bottom. http://www.nokiaphonereview.net/nokia-e72-review….

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