iPhone Battery Life: Power Saving Tips

Every iPhone toting iPhoner at some stage complains about the life of the iPhone battery, but there are things the iPhoner can do to conserve battery life and the Examiner has come up with a few ways.

The main drain on iPhone battery life is push notification; more so email accounts that are set to push. So setting your email to fetch from a server rather than be pushed will conserve that battery life.

Although iPhone OS 3.0 delivers push notification, many other applications are utilising push and can also go towards draining that battery so disable push on any application you don’t really need it to work on.

Turn off that WiFi or 3G when you don’t need it also turn off the Bluetooth and GPS as they all drain the battery even when not being used. Adjust brightness and turn off auto-brightness as this too with conserve power.


One thought on “iPhone Battery Life: Power Saving Tips”

  1. Simon says:

    turning off 3G did it on my iphone, i get double the life out of the battery, if i need speedier connection when not in wireless range i turn on the 3G

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