Hands-On Review: Taurus Advanced Bluetooth Elite Visor Car Kit

We will be talking a little about the Taurus Advanced Bluetooth Elite Visor Car Kit that we had sent to us for review from MobileFun.co.uk and we will give you our first impressions, out of the box photos, details about the device, usability and of course our summary of what we think.

First Impressions: We to tell you the truth (and you know us here at phonesreview.co.uk we speak the truth and tell you how it is) thinks this device pretty good, the black packaging looks pretty swift and sexy (Photo Below). You can see straight away that the Advanced Bluetooth Elite Visor Car Kit looks quality, the device seems really nice in the box but it is out of the box where we can tell if it is good or not.


We took some photos which you can see below, we took all the bits out of the box i.e. the device itself, battery, visor clip, USB charging cable and car charger adaptor, the battery itself is a Rechargeable Lithium DC 3.7V 650 mA (Basically similar to a phone battery).

Let us tell you about the device before we give you our final summary, the Taurus Advanced Bluetooth Elite Visor Car Kit according to MobileFun.co.uk is simple to install, will give you clear unrivalled sound quality, clear conversations, and features that include built-in microphone that will adjust to the surrounding sound level, it has a phonebook sync feature which means it will sync phonebook with the kit, yes this means that the name and number will show up on the Bluetooth Visor Kit.


Now a quick look at the Advanced Bluetooth Visor Car Kit Features: This device features caller name and number display, phonebook sync, you can answer and end calls from the car kit itself, it has voice dialing dependant on compatible handsets, this device works with all Bluetooth phones, battery low and full indication, adjustable volume and built-in noise suppressing microphone.

Advanced Bluetooth Visor Car Kit Specifications: The specs include up to 600 hours standby time, 8 to 10 hours talk time, takes around about 2 to 3 hours charge time (Got to admit it was a little quicker for us), the device overall size is 126mmx57mmx22mm and V2.0 + EDR Bluetooth compliance.

What is in the box then: In the box you will find the main device itself plus battery, visor clip, car charging cable and USB charging cable.


How much is it: Well it was £39.95 but now you can but it right now from MobileFun.co.uk for only £29.86 which is a bargain in our eyes and below we will tell you why.

PhonesReview Summary: First impressions as said above is very good indeed with the packaging and the quality of device’s feel, it is not to small and not too big which in our eyes is perfect to place in the car or indeed using as a desktop mounted device. We paired it with the Apple iPhone 3GS which was so easy even we couldn’t believe it, we inserted the battery and then activated the Bluetooth on the iPhone 3GS and when we turned the power on the Advanced Bluetooth Elite Visor Car Kit it started to pair automatically, if it does not pair automatically all you need to do is press one simple button to start pairing. (Below you can see a photo of the two devices paired).


Once it was all paired we got someone to call us (Do not call yourself with another phone near the device or you will get ear-piercing feedback), when someone called us the number showed up on the visor kits display and then all we did to answer the call was pressed the little button with a phone symbol on it, it is that simple. We will continue to play with and no doubt we will bring you another review of what we still think.

Personally we do recommend the Taurus Advanced Bluetooth Elite Visor Car Kit because it is so simple to use, it looks fantastic and the price come on only £29.86 is a bargain and you are staying safe whilst driving which is a must. Below we have posted many photos that we took and you can even watch a video which is placed below the photos. Please get yourself over to MobileFun.co.uk and bag yourself the Advanced Bluetooth Elite Visor Car Kit, you will not be disappointed.

Check out all the photos below and of course the video below the photos:






























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