Consumers Poll: What is the best phone on the market to buy?

There are many mobile phones out there on the market and we could give you our favourite but then that would not be fair as everyone has different opinions on what phone is the best on the market, but personally we do like the iPhone.

You cannot miss the fact that the Nokia N97, BlackBerry Bold, BlackBerry Tour and even the LG Viewty Smart ll (We will be reviewing this LG phone pretty soon so keep coming back) are very good phones as well, many of you buy phones for different reasons, i.e. the camera, the UI (User Interface), Wi-Fi, 3G and so many other things.

We will not be biased and let you tell us what phone you think is best, we will name a few phones in our poll section below where you can just vote, you can also send in the name of the phone you like best and the reason why you like this phone the most in the comments area below.

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20 thoughts on “Consumers Poll: What is the best phone on the market to buy?”

  1. Michael says:

    Well to be honest no one phone is perfect.
    I would like:
    the keyboard of the HTC touch pro 2
    the video and picture quality and editing options of the omnia HD with the touch screen zoom of the iphone 3GS
    7.2 mbps US hsdpa speed
    the processor speed of the samsung jet, with of course a 3D graphics accelerator.
    I can’t decide on what OS i would prefer because i have never used windows mobile only symbian S60

    And lastly, i want it to be an AT&T phone so i can get a discount on it when i upgrade my account.
    I’m sure there is more but here is my starter list

  2. Jonah says:

    The best phone on the market as of September 2009, is the I-phone killer the one the only Samsung I8910 HD it wipes the floor with the iphone and you can record in 720p.

    Take that Apple…

    “your really starting to bore all your mates with this I-phone obsession”

  3. Andrew says:

    G1 baby, all the way, android is the future and the pullout keyboard makes the G1 the best considering anyone buying a phone with android is going to be using it for internet.
    Not to mention the uber-cool texting, on t mob with unlimited texts (capped at 99,999 texts rather then 2000 or something like that) its as if your using instant messenger.
    Personally, I feel android has the most to offer, if you want nice pics/vids buy a camera, phones go up to around 8 megapixel which is pathetic considering buying higher spec cameras and a crappy old phone without a camera is still cheaper.
    Plus android has several phones running on it, therefore it SHOULD have more owners using android, therefore more developers, therefore more apps and better quality apps. That my guess anyway.

    Soz for the essay, just in love with my phone 🙂 <3

  4. David says:

    For interface : Iphone 3GS
    For Camera : Samsung Omnia HD ( i8910 )
    Else : G1

    Overrated & Slow : Nokia N97
    Why? Not open-Source, Resistive Screen, FLUSH Keyboard with Space Bar in wrong area 0_0??,0
    UI not as nice as advertised ( Nokia Lied )

  5. Darren says:

    HTC G1

    Love the keyboard, love the games, love the touch screen.

    Has a great GUI, easy to use, completly open source so you can change you theme, reliable.

    This phone got me from Essex to Isle of white (Used as a SAT NAV)

    Fantastic Apps – Since the cupcake update the battery is super, and even better with the doughnut update.

    This is the only phone Im happy with and dont look to upgrade.

    My only hope is for HTC to bring out another phone with a keyboard (on the andriod operating system.)

    Sorry for the long review but This phone deserves it!!!

  6. luke says:

    My favorite phone is the t mobile g1 for many reasons. Its always connected to the internet with unlimited access at 1 great price so you don’t have to worry about large bills and is great for downloading songs or applications. The large screen allows you to watch videos in more detail rather then having to squint at the screen. Unlimited text messages and 800 mins call time each month gives you peace of mind whatever you do. Plenty of great applications available for every occassion from live tv to msn to musical instruments, etc. You couldn’t expect any more from a phone, this does it all!

  7. yahya says:

    Hey there aint one specific best phone!!! i respect all your views btw its pretty interesting but everyone buys their phone for a reason!! because of its camera, memory, touch comfortability, now adays processors, looks and most of all because they think its the best!!

    Basically whatever phone you have enjoy ittt! and dont let no one put you off itt

  8. osmany says:

    the htc hd2 for t-mobile!!!!!!!! beats any phone on the market with a 4.3 inch display ( biggest screen for u.s on a phone ) with a 1 ghz processor almost twice the amount of the iphone 3gs 🙂

  9. rich says:

    HTC HD2 easily a iphone beater 4.3″ display, snapdragon 1ghz processor and 448 meg of ram, sence overflow on winmo ( cutting out all the annoying parts of winmo ) capacitive touch screen, intergration with facebook twitter and u-tube, slim and stylish.

  10. Ian says:

    My IPhone took me all the way from Benalmadena to the house of a friend I'd never visited before in Algeciras. No taxis, no asking for directions – a simple point-to-point exercise using my phones GPS function.

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