Poll: Is the Nokia N97 an iPhone killer or not?

In the past many new smartphones have been presumed to be the fabled “iPhone killer”, and now with the arrival of the new Nokia flagship smartphone the Nokia N97, this to has been tagged an iPhone killer smartphone.

An article on smh, claims that the Nokia N97 falls into the category of an “iPhone Killer” smartphone and delivers on virtually everything the iPhone fails to deliver.

But hardware and specifications are not the only thing to take into consideration, as one has to take in the importance of what drives the handset, and the Nokia N97 is driven by Symbian, and new phone OS’s such as iPhone OS and Android make Symbian seems virtually prehistoric.

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One thought on “Poll: Is the Nokia N97 an iPhone killer or not?”

  1. SRHH says:

    Is this a joke I had a N95 until one week ago and now have a 3GS have to say not a big apple fan but I am now it just works unlike my nokia……

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