Verizon HTC XV6975 5 megapixel phone is the Whitestone

Can we remember as far back as March of this year when HTC’s 2009 line up started to fall apart ? You may also recall that it was rumoured that this contained a ‘Whitestone’, which was supposedly packing a vast VGA display, a megapixel camera and global GSM / CDMA support for Verizon.

That leak has been proved to be accurate, as the Dutch site Tweakers.net has seen and this has been verified a user agent profile that describes in enough detail the XV6975 to enable us to fit the pieces together. 800 x 480 display but no keyboard. As we know that this has HSDPA on board from its own certification, you can probably guess which way this is going.

It is hoped that this will be launched with Windows 6.5, but if the launch is as rumoured goes ahead in September then this will put it right on the cusp. It has also been said that the Verizon’s Touch Pro2 is in fact the XV6875, the only question to be asked really is which one do you want?
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