Does your Palm Pre Twist the night away?

Are you experiencing problems with the build quality of the Palm Pre smartphone? There has been word of gaps and play with the Palm Pre, but this is taking the biscuit.

According to an article posted on prethinking a Palm Pre owner had his Palm Pre replaced due to it “twisting” completely out of his shell, although it was replaced without much hassle and one would think so too.

Furthermore, the guy, Royar said that when he took the “twisting” Palm Pre to a Sprint repair centre they said they weren’t allowed to attempt to fix the smartphone and advised he try to get a replacement.

Anyone else out there experiencing build problems with the Palm Pre?


3 thoughts on “Does your Palm Pre Twist the night away?”

  1. Ray says:

    No, mine doesn’t twist whatsoever…I know several other people (to include my gf) that have a pre and also don’t have the problem. Guessing this is another Mac-inspired reported defect.

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