The Orb Bluetooth Headset come earring for the ladies

If you use a Bluetooth headset, you don’t want it looking too cumbersome or end up looking like a Borg out of Star Trek. So for the females the new Orb Bluetooth Headset might just be the stylish headset you are looking for.

Gizmag reports on the Orb Bluetooth headset which turns into an earring for the fashionable ladies just by a simple twist.

Apparently the deluxe version features a flexible OLED display which shows transcribes messages, caller ID, and calendar reminders and features bone conduction. There is also a limited edition Orb which features gemstones.

The Orb Bluetooth headset is expected in January with price tags of…basic $129 while the deluxe is set for April at $175 as for the Limited edition gemstone there is no current price.


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