AT&T Nokia Surge: Nokia 6760 slide €199

As we know Europeans will be getting their hands on the new stylish and much wanted handsets from Nokia long before we do, however following a recent announcement of the AT&T- bound Nokia surge has made some of you mad with jealousy.

How could Nokia possibly allow this gem in the US ignoring Europe completely?. No need to plot the take over of Espoo as Nokia have just announced the launch of the 6760 slide. The specs are practically the same as the US version, including a 3.2 megapixel camera instead of the 2 shooter in AT&T’s surge.

It’s being advertised not surprisingly as a social networking phone, and will continue to drop the ‘Twitter’. This is for sure a nice tween messenger phone that can be obtained at s reasonable sensible price. The 6760 slide will be available some time later this quarter for around 199 Euros before subsidies.

Source – boygeniusreport

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