Is the BlackBerry Tour all hype or not?

The BlackBerry Tour is the latest and by far the greatest CDMA BlackBerry device, running on Sprint and Verizon Wireless network. It’s different from all the others as it sports a full-featured browser a high resolution camera and a much faster processor.

The BlackBerry Tour is small at just 06-inches thick, although not the slimmest it’s 2.4 inch width this just adds to the solidity of the phone. The screen is crisp and clear to see, and the keyboard is said to be lovely. Ideal for smooth typing and emailing.

There is no doubt that the BlackBerry Tour is the best to date, and far out ways older models. The Tour will cost you in the region of $199.99 with a two year Verizon or Sprint agreement which comes complete with a 2 gigabyte microSD card with Verizon or a 1 gigabyte from Sprint.

source – switched.com

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