Palm Pre Commercial with Tamara Hope

There is another new TV advert for the Palm Pre. it’s a 30 second spot with the same actress Canadian born Tamara Hope.

It’s said to have the same creepy style as the previous commercial which incurred some interesting reactions. This time round the short film centres around a juggler in what appears to be an allegory for the ease of multi tasking with webOS.

The advertisement also makes use of the song “Tunnel” by the Dining Rooms, an Italian jazz group.

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3 thoughts on “Palm Pre Commercial with Tamara Hope”

  1. Steve Toffen says:

    She creeps my wife and I out. If this was in a horror movie she would pick up a little white mouse by the tail and eat it in one gulp between scenes of her using the Palm Pre. She seems like an escapee from the dark side of Pan’s Labyrinth. I will buy by a Pre if the OS and functionality are as reliable as these are in their ability to be creepy.

  2. Savannah says:

    Creepiest commercial in a long time. when i lay donw to go to bed at night it definately makes me uncomfortable. i no longer would want a pre after this commercial due to memories it would bring up. im just happy other people thought this was creepy!

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