iPhone 3G Refurb Price Drops to $49 from AT&T

Now that the iPhone 3GS is available, AT&T wants to get rid of that old iPhone 3G inventory and quickly it would appear, after all who wants yesterday’s mobile phone right?

Well apparently according to the BGR, AT&T is so desperate to shift all those iPhone 3G units and have dropped the selling price of an 8GB refurbished iPhone down to $49 and the 16GB refurbished iPhone down to $99.

iPhone 3G Refurb Price Drops to $49 from AT&T

Which is all well and good, but when you take into consideration the contract it’ll still cost you $1680 over the 2 years, but then if you want an iPhone and simply can’t afford the iPhone 3GS then maybe this is the deal time for you.

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