Apple to issue promo codes to iPhone apps with 17-plus ratings

There have been numerous complaints from iPhone developers about Apple prohibiting the use of promo codes for applications commanding a 17+ rating as 17+ rated apps don’t just consist of adult apps and violent apps.

According to an article on pcworld, Apple has now done a complete turnabout on the 17+ promo codes prohibiting and is again issuing promo codes to17+ rated applications.

This can only mean that Apple has been listening to the developer community and has realised the error of their ways and made a quick about turn to appease irate developers.


One thought on “Apple to issue promo codes to iPhone apps with 17-plus ratings”

  1. Adrian says:

    Well that was a husge issue for developers. I was thinking on this recently with categorization of fashion apps like iwound. It was a cool app any way

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