How to fix the top ten iPhone problems

Most mobile phones end up seeing a few problems along the way, and with today’s technology being crammed into the smartphone, even the Apple iPhone suffers from a few problems.

There isn’t a phone that has been put out into the public domain that hasn’t had flaws somewhere along the line, and technology is all about working round those phone problems, and so the guys over at pcworld have come up with a list of ten iPhone problems and just how to fix them.

The top ten iPhone problems are…default apps can’t be hidden…Pandora and other applications won’t run in the background…tough time browsing the App Store…iPhone battery drains too quick…can’t store files or attach to email…IMAP Gmail is lame…unable to create contact list groups…weak email management…$99 per year for remote wipe…and the number 1 problem, AT&T as carrier.

So to see how to workaround these top ten iPhone problems simply hit up the link.


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