Samsung Jet announcement caught on video

The S8000 otherwise known as the Samsung Jet has been announced by Samsung USA. The title of the press release is a little harsh and to some even a little offensive. ‘Samsung Jet Smarter Than a Smartphone’.

Samsung claim the device has Microsoft (NSDQ : MSFT) and supports multitasking. But what other applications does the Jet have and what about an app store. It seems that Samsung are the only manufacturer trying to get the OLED into as many devices as they possibly can.

The imprssive 3.1 inch WVGA screen supports 16 million colors, and the device contains a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. It’s predicted that the device will do well providing it is reasonably priced. Of course only Samsung know when and where it will be shipped and more importantly the price. Source – intomobile.com

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