Microsoft Windows Mobile 7: Will multitouch shine through?

Windows Mobile 6.5 was nifty enough in itself, to most of you but we have some information and some really juicy titbits about version 7 for you.

It’s a platform that stands to be larger than life with a ground up rewrite of WinMo which is long overdue. The lack of multitouch is disappointing for some in 6.5 the wait is over mulititouch will be introduced in version 7.

The video states that the version 7 will ‘exploit the hardware’. And Redmond claims that it’ll be able to go toe to toe with ‘competitor devices’. The 7 will be intended to reach the premium end of the market out there certainly to start with, and over time it will become Microsoft’s mainstream mobile platform as future versions are released. Source – engadgetmobile.com

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