iPhone 3G sales with T-Mobile will not help

The iPhone 3G is being sold to some T-Mobile customers who are wishing to leave the network and who spend over and above £75 per month in a desperate attempt to keep them.

T-Mobile tariffs are high enough to start with, Flext 75 give you £575 worth of credit to spend on international and Uk calls and texts, picture messaging, 08 numbers and voice mail for £75 per month.

Compared with 02 similar package for £73.41 per month, you can get the 3GS with 16GB with a massive 3000 minutes and 500 texts, free internet and free WiFi, with an 18 month contract, however if you increase your contract from 18 months to 24 months they will swap the 16GB to a 32GB GS. Seems like T-Mobile really should spend time rethinking it’s current price plans. For more information visit itportal.com

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