Review: Samsung i8910 HD good and bad

The Samsung i8910 HD has been reviewed by Charles Arthur Guardian’s technology editor. Charles starts by talking about just some of the features on the Samsung.

He first talks about having trouble finding the power button and points out the power button is in fact the end call key. He then goes on to talk about locking and unlocking the phone, the main problem being that the Samsung politely asks you to “Press and Hold the lock key to unlock”, using only buttons and ones that do not have key symbols on them makes this impossible.

He did continue to point out that the Samsung i8910 HD is fairly attractive, has great HD-quality graphics and had it been reasonably priced customers would be pleased. There is another down sides to this model, such as the video function, the user interface is poor.

Charles said “consider the BlackBerry or the iphone” these both are user friendly. The annoying thing about the Samsung i8910 HD is all the applications within an applications folder, for example: There is a folder that says applications and within that folder there are more applications like games, video, or radio. Etc etc.

Charles rounds the Samsung i8910 up by saying it’s a lovely video player, with a decent browser and takes nice pictures. Why not let us know your views on the Samsung i8910, do you own this phone?

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3 thoughts on “Review: Samsung i8910 HD good and bad”

  1. Chappas says:

    Yea I’ve got this phone.

    The menu icons can be placed where ever you want, you could have everything on the main screen if you wanted to.

    Although I thought the Applications folder was a pretty logical place to find all the… well, applications?

  2. paragonpig says:

    I’ve this phone too.
    The lock button is not too difficult too find as it lies under your thumb when holding the phone in your right hand. This is logically where it should be for comfort and practicality and once used a few times it does not need a label. This is an unnecessary critisism and seemed a rather nitpicking and untrue.
    As to the icon placing. They can be moved wherever you like on the menu screens, another point the critic fails to mention.
    The video interface is clear and finger friendly with more features that the palm pre and i-phone can only dream about. (Assuming of course that you have an i-phone 3gs of course)
    His critisisms are unfounded and seem to be ignoring the fact that technically this phone is fast and technologically ahead of the crowd. He has not learned how to use the phone and has omitted some of the features this makes his review seriously flawed.
    To potential owners.
    Look around online and see the other reviewers from around the globe that have got to know the i8910 properly and you will see they regard it as one of the best smartphones available.

  3. Jonah says:

    Oh my word… where the hell did you find the critic? I reckon he is still using a Nokia 5.1!! I can just picture the gimp with his tweed jacket on sat prob trying to figure out how to even remove the security seals off the box!! either that or a I-phone addict!?!

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