Will we get Apple iPhone 3GS 8GB soon?

There are rumours that Apple are to get an iPhone 3GS 8GB very soon. There are documents from The Boy Genius Report that show screen grabs.

Rogers said in an internal memo the 8GB iphone 3GS handset is yet to be announced. The older 3G model is being reduced. Verizon Wireless say they will cut prices on its smartphones to $99, but not on the Samsung Saga or the BlackBerry Tour.

If Apple introduces the iPhone 3GS 8GB, there are two possible prices $99, which would either mean the 3G being discontinued or drops to $49 or $149, and the 3G continues at $99. There is also a possibility of confusing the customers with 2 8GB iPhones that have similar names such as 3G and 3GS.

What do you think? Would you like to see the 3G come to an end?

Source – pcworld.com

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