Apple iPhone patent could register abuse events, we are watching you!

A patent application has been discovered from Apple, it outlines technology that will register “abuse events” and these events will be kept on record in a permanent memory.

This application is to help representatives of the company’s customer services find out if a device such as the iPhone, has ever been exposed to warranty-voiding conditions, conditions being shock, moisture, cold, and heat.

Thermal, continuity sensors that keep and shock products will be fitted to the Apple patent in the future. These changes would help establish if a device was ever exposed to severe temperatures, submerged in liquid, dropped or tampered with. Liquid submersion indicators (LSIs) are already used by Apple. We can all see why Apple would move to a more suitable system that identifies warranty-voiding conditions.

We do not yet know if Apple will put the technology into production, but we hope that the technology never comes about. We cannot see why you would use this technology to track environmental conditions when it may not harm the device anyway.

Let us know your thoughts on this new patent.

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