Apple thrives with iPhone due to controlled closed system

The Apple iPhone has become a huge success which according to an article over on istockanalyst makes no sense.

Over the last 10 years the web’s rise was virtually down to the fact that it is open system which means everyone can participate and no one can dominate, thus closed online systems such as Apple’s eWorld wither die out or move their content to the web, something that makes Apple’s success even more surprising.

The iPhone and Macintosh computer maker is currently riding high with 3rd-quarter results including a net profit of $1.23 billion weren’t only driven by iPhone sales but also from the reduction in price of the iPhone 3G and Mac sales.

But in reality Apple is thriving due to keeping a tight control on a closed system, they design the hardware and write the software and control with a vide —like grip what other companies can gain access to their platform.

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