Garmin-Asus’ nuvifone G60 possible launch on AT&T

The Garmin-Asus’ nuvifone G60 is already being sold in Asia. The smartphone will soon be seen in North American. It was also known that Garmin-Asus’ nuvifone G60 would make its launch at AT&T.

Garmin made it clear a short time ago that GPS-infused handset is in its final stage of testing with a secret amount of US carriers on a quarter-end conference call. If everything goes to plan this should be released in Q4.

Every specification is the same as it was when it was first announced in January 2008. Apple has two new models of the iPhone, even Palm and Motorola rose from the grave. So do you think anyone will bother to get one in a few months?

Source – Engadget mobile

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