New Motorola MOTO W403 specifications and details

The specifications of a new handset by mobile phone manufacturer Motorola is now available on its website. The MOTO W403 will soon be launched.

This is a low budget flip phone which has both an FM radio and MP3 player. CrystalTalk technologies are also included as is Bluetooth 2 connectivity. The music-oriented characteristics of the phone are not its only selling point according to Motorola. Also included on the device are a 1.8˝ display, metallic look, 96 x 32 pixel resolution display, caller ID and radio station.

There are more specs included in the device such as GSM 900/1800 or GSM 850/1900 connectivity, MMS, SMS, video recording and playback, as well as a memory card. The new Moto W403 will hopefully give you 500 minutes talk time or if on standby this will be 300 hours.

The manufacturers of the new MOTO W403 also said all these features may not be available, it would depend on the carrier’s capabilities. Regrettably there are no images as yet for the new MOTO W403, so no one knows what it actually looks like, also there are no prices available, and we imagine it wouldn’t be expensive based on the fact that it is a budget phone.

Source – news.softpedia.com

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