T-Mobile HTC Touch Pro2 Windows Mobile phone only $299 on contract

There is only 5 days left before T-Mobile are going to be the first mover in the states to offer HTC’s Touch Pro2 Windows Mobile.

The Touch Pro2 Windows Mobile phone is to be launched with a selling price of $599 no strings attached and $299 on contract , we hope that you are ok with large prices.

The gallery shows a sliding / tilting handset next to Samsung’s Behold, so make time to have a look at the range ready for August 12th, and don’t forget to save the pennies.

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18 thoughts on “T-Mobile HTC Touch Pro2 Windows Mobile phone only $299 on contract”

  1. Ron says:

    Ridiculous pricing given that iPhone with 50K supported applications is only $199.

    I have been T-mobile customer for last 6 years. I waited too long for this phone. I will wait till Aug 12 and if the price is $299…. iPhone here I come.


  2. munkeeman says:

    And they wonder why the iphone dominates…..

    Don’t get me wong. I think this is a great phone but seroiusly.

    3 bills and you still have to use a dinky micro SD card!!!!

  3. Vic says:

    I guess helllllooooooooooo iphone! $299 is too much! So much disadvantage, $299 with a year warranty and 2 years being tied in to a contract…..something aint right.

  4. Mike says:

    Unrepairable Iphone = loss of everything on the phone. Broken TP2 take out the Micro SD card and you still have everything. So as munkeeman said dinky micro SD card that a plus not a negative to me.

  5. Mike says:

    I really am happy for the high price. I wish it was higher only because I don’t want a phone that every time you turn around you see someone with it. Like you do the Iphone.

  6. Jose says:

    Wow, $299, while the iphone is $199 for 16gb and $299 for 32gb. Man this sucks, I’ve been waiting for this phone since the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona back in February. I feel like I wasted my time waiting for this. Damn, Iphone here I come Iguess. Don’t forget even though the phone looks great, it’s still an HTC, I’ve had problems with my HTCs, and therefore not worth $300 for trouble.

  7. milespro says:

    hehe yea 199 for the iphone, then 3000 in 2 years of mandatory internet.

    Meanwhile tmobile unlimited web and messaging will only cost 2000.

    So go ahead and pay 1000 more bucks for no tethering, no mms, no full office support, no qwerty, smaller res screen, Iphone app restrictions including no latitude support, no google voice.

  8. Tee Jay says:

    $299. $100 too much. T-Mobile rep. said last month she never sees any phones over $200. It seems they only want to sell Android phones.

  9. Steve says:

    I’ve been waiting for T-Mobile to upgrade its Windows Mobile offerings. If this is what they’re offering after a 2-1/2 year wait, it’s off to AT&T for me too. I might consider this as a free upgrade for my old Wing, but you’ve got to be kidding for $300!

  10. Chris says:

    Ugh you people are dumb. This isnt meant to compete with the iPhone. Wait till then other carriers release this and its the same price. Come the 12th, I’ll be in line getting this phone.

  11. After five days, I returned my iPhone today. It does not have the potential to do serious computing. The software has not yet been developed for it (most of the 65,000 apps are games), so there is no serious version of Quicken or PocketInformant (only a shadow of the Windows CE version), or Calligrapher. In fact, a program like Calligrapher cannot be developed for it since it can only run one program at a time.

    The HTC Touch Pro 2 is not a phone; it is a PDA with a phone. The price is high, but you’ll pay high for a serious PDA.

  12. tmotp2owner says:

    People that don’t understand math will inevitably go to the iphone and pay way more in the long term internet costs. The touch pro 2 on Tmobile is far cheaper over the 2 year contract as indicated above.

  13. Jose says:

    Two days left and no definite price on this thing. I currently have an HTC Shadow 1 and the wifi doesn’t work, I can only hear the other caller on speakerphone or handsfree headset (this really sucks), and I’m afraid I will have the same issues with this supposedly $299 phone.

    BUT WAIT!!!! Motorola is coming out with a new android phone for T-mobile (motorola Morrison). Rumors say that it should be priced lower. Same processor speed, higher 5mp camera, lower resolution 320×480, and I’m guessing a smaller screen, BUT hopefully a BETTER PRICE…..

  14. blueboy says:

    be thankful you eventually have the option; t-mobile uk, who have issued and i have owned all predecessors, refuse to release the pinnacle of the series because they wanted to push the g1 & another candybar phone that was in no way competing with the tp2!

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