Sprint Motorola r765IS, try and kill me dare you

You can all stand there with you pretty Pre’s and your fancy iPhones because Motorola’s latest beefiest, solid handset if finally here and available now at Sprint stores.

The r765IS, which was announced back in April is Mil Spec 810F rated, so you will have nothing at all to worry about should you drop it, but what about what you drop it on? The IS indecently means ’intrinsically safe’.

It also supports Direct Connect, NextMail to send voicemail as e-mail attachments, GPS navigation and emergency calling modes. Its not very sleek or slinky as some other Motorola handsets we’ve seen recently, and at a price of just under $2,000 it will only be found in the hands of well equipped mercenaries. Source – engadgetmobile.com

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