Samsung Omnia 2 and LG Chocolate Touch releases August 23

If the screen capture is to be believed then August 23rd is going to be a fantastic day for all you phone lovers out there. The screen shot has been captured from Best Buy’s computers.

The LG BL40 Chocolate Touch is a much desirable phone and will be touching the shelves of the consumer world, together with a red Xenon and a selection of Samsung phones including the Omnia 2, Rogue and the Solstice.

There’s no clue on what exactly the Tour is doing up there dated for the 23rd since its already available on Verizon and Sprint, maybe a major shipment is on the cards. We think the red and black ‘G2’ could be referring to T-Mobile’s sophomore Android device, the myTouch 3G. Although two weeks does seem rather close but if it all goes to plan we certainly wont be arguing. Source – engadgetmobile.com


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