iPhone MMS with AT&T would you really use it?

Remember back when Apple said iPhone OS 3.0 would enable MMS functionality at their Sneak Peak event, then again Apple said MMS would be available by June 19th to everyone except AT&T.

But still no MMS for the iPhone with AT&T reports the iPhone blog. AT&T was incapable of supporting the incredible volume of iPhones they have exclusivity over or are incompetent in handling the roll out in a timely fashion.

But consider this, even if AT&T did offer MMS on the iPhone right now, would you use it? How many would use MMS and how often, and what volumes of MMS would AT&T really have to handle?


11 thoughts on “iPhone MMS with AT&T would you really use it?”

  1. Aron says:

    I would use it all the time. The Iphone has a killer camera on it as far as phones are concern, and I often find myself taking pictures of amazing things that I would love to share with my friends and family right then. There is now question that mms would be used. This is an important part of the phone and one of the main reasons I purchased it when I did.

  2. Billybadass says:

    Hell yeah I’d use it….as much as it may seem not everyone in the world has a smart phone, and of those that do their are a certain percentage that dont know how to use it…most know how to open a txt/mms message. Quite honestly, I’m freakin’ sick of explaning to other people how the all powerful iphone cant send something like MMS

  3. jay says:

    Of course people are going to use this in a huge way. AT&T should be scared about the dramatic increase in bandwidth utilization they are going to see. While other phones can already send MMS, the iPhone makes it so simple to attach photos, I’d guess the average bytes per message with iPhone users will be well above other phones once MMS is enabled. And with so many people on unlimited plans, I hope they are ready for it.

  4. Kirby says:

    I would definitely use it.

    I actually had my iPhone 3gs a little under two weeks, and can recall AT LEAST 4 or five times i wish i could send a picture to someone i know.

    Before switching from a RAZR to an iPhone, I would always use MMS, but it is really disappointing knowing that such a high-tech device is missing such a now, basic feature.

  5. Use it , are you kidding me , every phone i had did mms this is the first one that didn’t , but once they announced the features of 3.0 I was estatic to know , I was getting mms back I recieve mms everday but cannot view or send to others, way to go AT&T , this AT&T feature flaw has made me refuse to purchase the 3gs so I don’t extend my contract period , for the fact that if verizon gets the iPhone , than AT&T will see my dust as I leave them to get better service

  6. Nathan T says:

    I would use MMS very often. I find myself always taking pictures wishing I could send them to my friends. Many of my peers also have iPhones and they feel my pain. AT&T needs to get their act together!

  7. Eazy says:

    U would use MMS every single day. that’s the only reason I wanted a iPhone I’n the first place then found out it didn’t work. So I just been keepin it and upgrading anyways hoping they try to get it. It’s better than people tryin to hack their phones and stuff. So just get it on the iPhone. Why not have it. All those dang features but the one everybody likes..pretty dumb

  8. brian says:

    i can’t believe that we still do NOT have mms on the iphone. This is laughable. I’m paying for a txt plan & data plan(no choice)….so why hasn’t anyone talked of a class action suit against AT&T. Don’t get me wrong, i love my iphone, but come on, it’s freakin embarassing that the coolest phone in the market is completely without such a simple feature, speaks VOLUMES about the carrier. I feel that because i have the iphone i’m being discriminated against being able to use such a function. I know the work arounds, but when i look at the price of the plans and then i’m strapped with a data plan, just seems that the customer is the one loosing out, so i say we should sue. If your not for that, it’s ok, dont join but if your starting to feel like as a customer-you don’t matter – and that your paying premium dollars for a phone that doesn’t do what the simple 9.99 phones do….then speak up!!!

    p.s. please save any rude remarks for yourself, again if you don’t agree, it’s your right, but be respectful….

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