LG Bliss available in Canada via Bell for $79.95

Canada has now gained the latest touch screen handset from LG, the LG Bliss and is available via Bell reports an article over on mobile syrup.

The LG Bliss has the following price plans on Bell…$79.95 on a 3 year contract, $129.95 on a 2 year contract, $229.95 on a 1 year contract or without contract $279.95.

Quick spec reminder on the LG Bliss, 3 inch touch screen with 4 customisable home screens, 2 megapixel camera with video, Bluetooth, speakerphone, voice dialling, calendar, notes, calculator, and microSD expansion up to 16GB.


2 thoughts on “LG Bliss available in Canada via Bell for $79.95”

  1. jason says:

    Phone is alright, but Bell suddenly charges for you to use Hotmail and MSN messenger which were free with HTC Touch. $8/month each to use those two things. Also I installed Opera Mini and while the software installs and loads up, no Key pad shows up on the phone with the program open, so it doesn’t let you enter in websites you wish to view. You can only view the few websites which are in the default bookmarks.

  2. tennesha says:

    this phone is for ppl tht only lik to talk n txt cuz otherwise be prepared to be hit wit hidden charges . bell charges u for msn n hotmail n gps n opera mini doesnt work but the touch screen is very responsive and on screen qwerty is easy to use.

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