HTC Fiesta running Google Android OS, few specs

There are a couple more details about the HTC Fiesta, one of the forthcoming smartphones that run Google’s Android OS. At this particular point information is still very hazy.

We first heard about this device this spring, but all that we know about from SIG is that this model will run Android. But 4 months on, a few more details have become known. The XML page on HTC’s website states the Fiesta is to have a QVGA display.

There is also mention of a “phonekeypad”, so it’s not looking good for a QWERTY keyboard. The document confirms the HTC Fiesta will be an Android-based smartphone, it will be able to connect to GSM networks but not a lot else.

It is unsure when the HTC Fiesta will go on the market, the price and the rest of the details are also unknown.

Source – brightand.com

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