Quick Hands-on Review of Samsung S5233

The Samsung Star is a touchscreen, it has a retractable stylus which is hidden in the upper right hand corner. This saves you using your fingers. This unit doesn’t look much different to other touchscreens, how many appearances can a touchscreen have?

It does however feel quite light for its size, have a smooth black glossy finish, it looks very stylish, The two call controls are on the bottom and alongside that is the Return button. The off button is also the call end button. Each of the keys is black and has silver outlines.

The volume controls are on the right hand side of the phone, and on the other side is the headphone/charger jack, there is also a microSD slot. To quick-launch the camera, the key is on the side. The S5233’s display measures 3 inches, which is up there with other touchscreens. The colours are bright and sharp when using the -pixel resolution.

Images, preinstalled wallpaper and text all look wonderful. Using the setting menu, you can adjust the backlight time and brightness. Samsungs TouchWiz User interface makes the touchscreen very responsive. The screen vibrates when it has registered touch. One downside to this phone is that it has a short battery life. It was charged for 2 hours and only lasted 12 hours.

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  1. lil says:

    the battery’s not really that short. 12 hrs? its fine. at least it stays up to that. my father’s old fone only had to stay up till 2 hrs. how about that for short. 🙂

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