Android News: Documents to Go from DataViz, includes PDF and PowerPoint

If you are one of the people using Android less for pleasure but more for work, you may want to take a look at the most up-to-date version from DataViz of Documents to Go. The most recent update includes PowerPoint viewing and PDF.

There are also improvements that have been made to Excel and Word document editing and viewing. If you have a love for Microsoft Office, you can get Exchange support. A pared-down free version will be released as well that allows Excel and Word file viewing. You will be able to do your work no matter where you are using Documents to Go from DataViz.

You may think that Documents to Go is your office on your mobile. It is easy to use and full featured. Word To Go has rich formatting like, underline, bold, italic, font colour and word count. Sheet To Go has a powerful data calculation, sheet and number formatting, auto-fit options, copy, cut, paste, and row and column preferences.

PDF To Go has high-reliability viewing of important reference materials. There are options for word wrap, page view, bookmarks, select and copy text, plus more. It also has improved navigating, scrolling and panning. Premium features can be unlocked by buying the ‘Full Version Key’ from the Android Market.

Source – intomobile.com

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