Do you love BlackBerry Bold but hate AT&T 3G?

Lance Ulanoff is the Editor in Chief and Senior Vice President of Content for the PCMag Digital Network. He said that after a frustrating day working from home he had to revert to his land-line as AT&T’s 3G coverage was so terrible.

Mobile Analyst, Sascha Segan admits the coverage is not that good in the New York Metro Area. The new Blackberry Bold 9000 comes with AT&T’s 3G service. The smartphone is capable of WiFi connectivity, multitasking, high-res video playback and application installations. If used in the office the coverage is quite good.

It is said that Sprint’s EVDO REV A is a much better network than AT&T’s 3G, with AT&T’s 3G as soon as you step into a tunnel you cannot get any signal as it is underground. There is also the problem of calls getting pushed to voicemail when there is no connection. There have been other reports from people who had the same nightmares. It looks like the success of mobile broadband iPhones is killing the network.

Source – pcmag.com

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