Is it time to say goodbye to Microsoft Windows Mobile?

The smartphone has been on the market since the ‘90s and Microsoft is the key player, however will they do better to say goodbye to Microsoft Windows Mobile?

Microsoft’s grip on the market has been slipping over the years because it hasn’t kept up with the smartphones developments on the market, like the touchscreens and other applications. Therefore Microsoft’s share of smartphone operating system market has become feeble but there has been an increase in Research in Motion and Apple.

Windows Mobile was originally aimed at corporations what wanted it as standard on PCs and handsets. Employees are now using their smartphones for personal use and office use but they are not choosing Windows. Within the next few years it is expected Microsoft will notice this and get rid of the mobile operating system.

Microsoft is committed to Windows phone business 100%, a spokesperson said in an email. Microsoft’s entertainment and devices division president, Robbie Bach, acknowledged Windows Mobile is losing market share. This means that the relationships with phone manufacturers are not as strong. Windows Mobile is only a small part of Microsoft’s overall business and is too expensive to maintain.

Source – businessweek.com

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