Skyfire mobile browser for S60 and Windows Mobile platforms, loves BlackBerries

A capable mobile browser is being offered from Skyfire, this is for Windows Mobile platforms and the S60, and it looks like a version is being worked on for BlackBerries but it did hit a few pot holes along the way.

Skyfire did get back on track and Skyfire Alpha 3.5 is now available for BlackBerry testers. One tester said they use skyfire on both S60 devices and Windows Mobile and it worked very well. Skyfire only want a few alpha testers to use the program at this time. It does not want alpha dispersed to a lot just yet.

The new Skyfire version is being aimed at the BlackBerry Bold for the moment, running firmware versions and Skyfire is ok with testing it on the 8900 Curve running OS 5.0 too. There is a change compared to the 3.1 alpha and that is media streaming has been removed by Skyfire. Skyfire said there were a lot of errors.

However the new browser has lots more features, like click-to call, improved downloading, inline text entry and improved scrolling. There is a firm limit in place to keep tabs on how many new users the system will accept. So Alpha testers….get testing.

Source – informationweek.com


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