Apple iPhone OS 3.0: eBay Mobile now has Push Notifications

EBay Mobile now has Push Notifications, version 1.4.0 is bought to the app from the update and is now being “optimised” for iPhone OS 3.0, which means it has Push Notifications support.

Details on watched items and outbid items will be included in the notifications. There are more new features and these include: recent detailed seller feedback, integrated PayPal support with Pay, ability to search for completed items and description search.

Once a bidder has received a push message, bidders can touch “close” to forget about it or tap the “View” button to take action, like placing a bid. Sellers are able to check on their sales. You can use the new feature, PayPal support with Pay to pay for an item within eBay Mobile. You can get eBay Mobile (App Store link) as a free download.

Source – iphonefreak.com

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