New iTunes 9: New screenshots and details

The rumors continue about iTunes 9, there is more new on the social networking side of the application. Rumor has it that Apple are looking to do more than just integrate social networking services into iTunes. It looks like playlists of some sort will be possible.

Apple want to make their very own social application like Yahoo’s OneConnect. OneConnect is a mobile application, but Apple’s new program would bring together all social networking services such as Facebook, Last FM and Twitter and it is said to be for the iPhone or desktop. If you want to share music that you are listening to or broadcast music the application mentioned will enable you to do this.

Users can also update their status and connect with friends across social networks and lastly, users will be able to sort iPod Touch/iPhone apps using iTunes 9, users can sort by category and update added or do this manually. Try to remember, at this point they are just rumors. This could be the most attractive update to come out of Apple in a long while.

Source – intomobile.com


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