Apple and AT&T in trouble over lacking MMS on iPhone

I’m sure we can all remember at the iPhone 3GS launch the talks about how AT&T would provide MMS service this summer.

Well we’re halfway through August and there is no sign whatsoever of MMS in the U.S. on Apple’s latest smartphones. People in Louisiana are more than just a little peeved about it, so much in fact that they have launched a lawsuit against Apple & AT&T.

The lawsuit is for apparent false advertising, according to filings AT&T didn’t upgrade their network to support MMS, and it also seems that Apple included the feature in OS 3.0 just to point out and make AT&T look bad for not having it.
We’ll be sure to keep our eyes and ears open to keep you updated on the 10,000 strong lynch mob lawsuit, and how they get on.
Source – intomobile.com

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