Warning: Send sexy text messages in China and chance jail sentence

Looks like China is upping their game on superpower. It would seem that by sending a sexy text message you could land yourself a bed in a cell for quite some time. The Chinese authorities are monitoring all SMS text messages.

If you send one text message with sexual content you will spend 5 days in jail. If a Chinese citizen sends three plus text with sexual content they will be held for a maximum of 10 days and have a fine of 500 yaun. The Chinese Communist Party’s Henan branch has held 480 meetings over the past month according to The Straits Times. This was to deal with the sexy text “problem”.

We are pretty sure this is no joke. We would like to think it should be, but no its not. China keeps a close eye on all communications within their borders. So it’s not a shock that the Chinese government can trace your text messages. If you remember a Chinese iPhone was custom-made with no WiFi, this was to follow Chinese communications regulations.

So if you are thinking of visiting China in the near future and have a weakness for sexual text messages, make sure you think long and hard before you send one. Unless of course, you would like to see the inside of a Chinese jail.

Source – intomobile.com


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