iPhone OS 3.0: Are you having problems with Wi-Fi Glitch

Apparently owners of the iPhone 3G that have upgraded to OS 3.0 claim their Wi-Fi connections are not working correctly and the are still waiting for Apple to come up with a resolution to this issue.

Online forums have been bombarded with complaints from owners of the iPhone, stating that since upgrading their iPhone either cannot keep a Wi-Fi connection, or that it wont download data when it is connected.

A thread appeared on June 18th on the Apple Support discussion forum, which brought the issue to light. Apple did update some troubleshooting tips relating to iPhone Wi-Fi connections on July 9th, though this does not specifically address the 3G 3.0 upgrade issue. Some users speculate that they will have to wait until September for the next OS upgrade unless Apple take the necessary action required to resolve the issue sooner. Visit internetnews.com for further information.


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