Pyramid Research: 2014 will see $18 billion in mobile gaming

By 2014 the global mobile gaming market will get bigger by 16% CAGR. It will reach $18 billion. The main reason behind this growth is mobile users.

According to Jan ten Sythoff, Manager of mobile content at Pyramid Research, The growth will not just come from budding markets, but from enlarged usage in developed markets too. There are a number of fundamental factors contributing to this growth, these are: faster and better wireless networks and easy-to-used and advanced handsets are enhancing the customer experience.

Content developers will be able to improve games with features such as: 3D capabilities, touchscreens and online interactivity. So Mobile gaming is enjoying firm growth. Jan ten Sythoff also said that; because of devices like gaming consoles and PCs are less common, the primary device for accessing websites and games is the mobile phone.

Source – intomobile

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