Will Samsung get wireless camera hotspot access?

There has been a report from Pocket-Lint saying, Samsung is pushing to sign up with WiFi operators, this is for its new ST-1000 wireless camera. It will allow users of its wireless cameras to gain access to public hotspots like coffee shops.

There is concern that there may not be a good reception because of its mode of operation for a camera. Mobile camera phones have been going for a while, although they don’t have amazing image quality most of the time, they major a variety of connectivity. This camera already has disadvantages as it does not have any mobile capability.

Samsung will basically have an ordinary camera that has WiFi that can be used, at home only if they cannot get a number of hotspot operator deals signed. If everyone was to stop using camera phones and swap to WiFi cameras then it could be a big hit. We will just have to wait and see if Samsung get wireless camera hotspot access.

Source – Pocket-Lint

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