BES 5.0 SP1 release notes available for Microsoft Exchange and Domino

It seems quite recent that RIM was revealing the availability of BES 5.0 at WES. This would bring some important changes to the BES infrastructure.

BES 5.0 MR2 is going to be released soon according to port3101’s hdawg. Some of the modifications within MR2 have been outlined by RIM via their downloadable PDF document but the important details are still not available.

Make sure you check what is in the PDF files as it states some worries BES Admins might have had with the original release. A few features include, end-users: Flag emails for follow up, Enhanced Calendar Functionality, Remote File Access and Listen to Windows Media Audio (WMA) files.

New features for administrators are: BlackBerry® Enterprise Transporter Tool, Built-in High Availability and Reliability, Enhanced Application Deployment and Management and Advanced Mobile Management through a New administrative console. RIM has a lot more in store for this launch as it gets closer.

Source – crackberry.com

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