China Mobile deal will see Dell devices on the shelves

On Monday it was confirmed by Dell that a deal has been made with China Mobile to launch a mobile device over in China. No other details were released nor did they reveal what sort of device is in the works.

Over quite a few months, rumors occurred saying Dell is to be manufacturing its own smartphone. Dell has remained quiet about the plans for its smartphone. Reports have come to light this week indicating Dell is creating a smartphone in partnership with China Mobile.

It has not directly been said that China Mobile and Dell are making a smartphone but a Dell spokesperson did say the two companies are getting together to create a mobile device. This news from Dell comes not long after The Wall Street Journal stated that China Mobile and Dell are making a smartphone which will be called the Mini 3i. The Mini 3i is based on China Mobile’s version of Google Android according to a Slash Gear report.

This device is reported to be quite low-tech. It’s said to be a 2G GSM handset that has no WiFi, but does have a 3.2-megapixel camera and Bluetooth connectivity, its most high-tech feature is to be its 3.5-inch touch-screen interface. Sales have risen 27% in the second quarter for smartphones compared to a year ago.

Source – crn.com

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