How To Embed Media On Websites For BlackBerry Devices Explained

How constructive is the new BlackBerry Developers Blog since it has been released? It would seem that the bloggers have covered quite a large area so far.

The information on the site however, is aimed more at developers rather than the end-users of the BlackBerry smartphone. You would need to have an understanding of application development, which most end-users would not find helpful, but for those it is aimed at, the information has been impressive so far.

A important part of the 4.6 OS launch and onward was the skill to have media like, videos and audio to play straight in the browser rather than having to open a media player manually to listen or view files. The developers blog explained:

The most common method is to provide a link to the audio or video content that allows the user to download the file and play it back using the BlackBerry® Media Player. This requires the user to wait for the content to download (at least partially when using progressive download) and launching a new application. However, embedding audio or video playback within the browser session itself is a much better technique and provides a more seamless user experience.

This method is not the greatest for stated reasons and the entry on the developers blog illustrates website developers and owners what they need to get the media files to play straight to the web browser itself. If you are designing or already own a website that is purposely built for BlackBerry usage, this is the place to check as it may well help you with your site visits and media options.

Source – crackberry.com

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