iPhone 3GS 32GB: July No1 selling top-spot in Japan

You may not have thought Apple were capable of success in Japan, but it would seem that they have proved everyone wrong. The iPhone 3GS 32GB was a huge success, it was number 1 top-selling handset in Japan for July.

The 16GB model found itself on the list also, which is fabulous for fanboys globally and Apple’s shareholders. You’ve got to give Apple credit for getting the iPhone 3GS into the most advanced mobile market on the globe even though the iPhone 3GS doesn’t feature the popular 1seg mobile TV receiver that is often found in most Japanese high end mobile phones.

Here is a list of the top 10 best selling mobile phones in Japan for July 2009. At number 1 there is a mentioned the Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB (Softbank (OTCPK: SFTBF), 2: Sharp SH-06A (Docomo), 3: Panasonic (NYSE: PC) 830P (Softbank), 4: Sharp SH-05A (Docomo), 5: NEC N-08A (Docomo), 6: Sony-Ericsson Premier3 (au), 7: Sharp SH-02A (Docomo), 8: Casio W63CA (au), 9: Apple iPhone 3GS 16 GB (Softbank) and finally 10: Sharp SH001 (au).

Source – intomobile.com

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