Exploding iPhones: Apple gathering info to find cause

Apple has been investigating cases of exploding iPhones in Europe recently. At the moment, these cases are believed to be “isolated” incidents by Apple, according to a spokesperson.

Apple is currently trying to find out the cause of the iPhones exploding by gathering extra information. Recently in the news, a more noticeable incident happened that involved a teenager from France who got an eye injury when the display screen of the iPhone he had held of shattered, pieces of shattered glass got into his eye. He said the iPhone made a “hissing sound” first then the screen shattered on its own.

All necessary tests will be carried out by Apple to try and find the problem. Other news last month in the U.S reported that quite a lot of Apple iPods have suddenly burst into flames and smoke, causing injuries to many people. In the past there have been reports of iPhones exploding but this was mainly due to hacking jobs. For now we will have to wait and see what conclusion Apple come back with.

Source – macrumors.com


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