The Nokia N86 8MP is being trialed by an iPhone 3GS user

James Burland is an experienced Nseries user, Apple iPhone 3GS admirer and a photographic wizard, so in August he borrowed a Nokia N86 8MP for a few weeks, this was to find out if he could push the camera, as its exceptional selling point.

According to James, the N86 8MP is the greatest video capture and photo smartphone available at the moment. It feels like it originates from the N82 or N95. But he does think it would have made a better N96 and would have had that name had it been released in the summer of 2008.

James also thinks that the Nseries may well be the last device to have the alphanumeric keypads, their time is up. Anyway, about the camera, in well lit circumstances the 8910i captures a better photo and a more pleasing video can be captured with the iPhone 3GS but these two devices also have problems. The OLED was not very impressive, in direct sunlight both the N86 and Samsung i8910 suffer. He did find it frustrating going from the iPhone to the Nseries.

When taking a photo the N86 takes a more detailed photo than the iPhone 3GS. The controls on the camera were tricky, the shutter button was not that good either, when using his index finger, he would shake from the pressure of trying to evenly press the button resulting in a not so good picture. But when all is said and done, the Nseries is the best so far.

Source – allaboutsymbian.com


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  1. Mark says:

    OLEDs in direct sunlight are much better than LCDs.

    It’s very funny when they make videos to try to show that it’s not true (they spend a lot of their credibility saying those fake things about OLEDs).

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